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Professional Development and Training

​Marilyn Howard uses multi-disciplinary, dynamic techniques

to engage learners.  She educates and trains all levels of staff,

including social workers, nurses, and paraprofessionals, and works with

a variety of organizations, including corporations, not-for-profit healthcare

and community organizations, and home care facilities.  

Getting from here to there through training - beyond the PowerPoint presentation.

Marilyn offers training in management coaching and supports the organizations' goals through customer service training.  She develops customized trainings according to the specifications of the client.  The end result:  multi-disciplinary programs that work,  

She is equally fluent training in person and by Zoom, which she used for her trainings throughout the pandemic, and can customize existing trainings for Zoom.

Sample programs:

  - Creating a great customer service environment -- from top to bottom, bottom to top

  - Communication in the time of Covid

  - Coaching for competence and then some

  - Coaching for Managers

  - Understanding the client with dementia

  - Successful Aging: Retaining vigor and purpose in later life

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