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Group Lecture

Are you an organization seeking to improve the quality of patient care, increase employee satisfaction, and build a culture of collaboration and mutual respect?

Do you want to create a

Culture of Civility?

For help, contact:

Marilyn Howard provides professional development and training
for a wide variety of organizations. 


Marilyn has spoken at numerous organizations specializing in

the needs of the older population, including the National Council

on Aging and The American

Society on Aging. 


She is available to speak to groups and organizations on such topics as caregiving, retirement, active aging, and other related topics.

Contact Marilyn here.


Marilyn has been providing training services for decades in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and senior centers, and for private companies.  She has trained caregivers, managers, and administrative staff. 


Marilyn Howard can create training curriculum that meets your specific needs - as well as present the curriculum developed by your organization.  She is an engaging, vibrant, empathetic presenter with a deep well of experience and knowledge.  Her virtual trainings over Zoom have been extremely creative and successful.

Please contact Marilyn to talk about the kind of training you are seeking.  She is always happy to discuss your organization's needs. 


Contact Marilyn here.

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