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A life coach helps you identify and achieve important goals in your

personal or professional life.  As a baby boomer to 80 years old (or beyond),

you will create a safe place through the coaching process to weave the

extraordinary tapestry of your life into clearness and clarity.

Ask Yourself: Where Do I Want to Go Now?
Do I want to:

​- Retire or stay in the work world?

- Partially retire?

- Stay where I live now or relocate?

- Be a caregiver to my loved one and also take care of myself?


How Can Life Coaching Help Me?

​            Life Coaching can help you determine these answers and:

- Evaluate your present situation

- Identify and realize life goals

- Imagine your future self and grow in new directions

​- Expand your present network

- Create a new sense of purpose

- Master life transitions

- Work with your support system so that your friends and family

       understand what you do and don’t want as you grow older

​​​- Pursue new interests and adventures


How Long Will Life Coaching Last?

You determine the format and the number of sessions that best meet your needs

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